Please! Don’t Tell Me About Vietnam Because I Have Been There.

Довольно интересная галерея зажигалок Zippo с гравировками. Особенно мне понравились зажигалки из Вьетнама Под катом больше фотографий.

173rd Airborne Brigade, “Live by Chance
Live by Choice Kill by Profession, The Professionals “. 173rd ABN BDE 67-70 on
a 1974 Zippo. Probably engraved for a veteran after the war.

1972 Zippo with the engravings “Vietnam 72-73 Pleiku – Airborne Special Forces” and attached Army Special Forces emblem. The reverse reads “When I Die Bury Me Face Down So
The Whole World Can Kiss My Ass”.

1962 Zippo engraved “United States Navy Viet Nam – River Assault Squadron 13”. It has a map of Vietnam on the back.

This lighter with Donald Duck and Snoopy and with a misspelled “Tan San Nhat” is a forgery. It has “Zippo” engraved on the bottom like the real thing, but there are distinguishable differences as can be seen
on the lighter to the right. Donald Duck, Snoopy and other famous cartoon
characters are favorite themes on
forgeries and later date engravings
on period Zippos so buyers should be
aware in paying too much.

The above lighter is a fake Zippo dated 1967 that reads “Vietnam Dong Ha 67-68 Yea
Though I Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death I will Fear No Evil For I am
the Evilest Son of a Bitch in the Valley” The reverse has the 1st Cavalry logo and a Map
of Vietnam. The fact that this lighter is not a Zippo is distinguishable by comparing the
Zippo markings on the bottom to a genuine Zippo. The markings fake Zippo on the
bottom are much rougher than on the
genuine Zippo.

Остальное по ссылке, мартышкин труд у нас тут не в почете, в отличии от Вас там…

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